Tam O’ Shanter

Friends of Jac Zinder gathered ten years after his passing Sunday night at the Tam O’ Shanter restaurant in Atwater.

Chairs I Have Known

Ron Stringer (L.A. Weekly film editor; ex-Fibonaccis guitarist), Mauricio Figuls (DJ, bon vivant, minister), Jeff Kies (superb painter)


Mo Figuls

Mitch Handsome


Mo and Co.

Ron Stringer, Mo Figuls

Mark Wheaton (owner, Catasonic Studios)

Lucca (journalist)

Kraig Grady (microtonal composer, filmmaker)

Kira (singer; songwriter, Non Credo)

Ron, Mo, Jeff

Jon Huck (composer, sound designer, photographer)

Joseph Berardi (composer, Non Credo; ex-Fibonaccis drummer)

Jac’s mother, Joan Zinder

Joan Zinder

Yana (professor) and Carol Cetrone (choreographer, dancer, filmmaker)

Debbie Spinelli (musician, sound engineer) and James Brenner (musician, sound engineer)

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