Learned More About Presbyterians Tonight

My nephew and his wife’s local Presbyterian ministry sponsors missions to other countries. They both flew down to Juarez, Mexico, and built small houses for the poor with a couple of dozen other Americans. The church works with a private contractor down there with the goal of trying to give the dirt-poor something more than a galvanized steel lean-to to live in. They said the contractor believes the Mexican government has an interest in keeping these people “emiserated.” Makes sense. The U.S. is expected to take in their illegal immigrants who are trying to make more than a dollar a day while the oligarchical government down there restricts anyone who comes in to Mexico and makes life worse every day for their own people.

I asked my nephew if they were required to do any “converting.” But the missionary model of the Presbyterian church is different. The people who qualify to live in the houses are members of the church already. It qualifies them for the housing. And since many Latin Americans are apparently converting to Protestantism by the droves anyway, if they can get a clean, well lighted place, why not join the Prezes?

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