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The Fibonaccis

Scott Lindgren

Magie Song | Ron Stringer | John Dentino | Joseph Berardi


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The biography that floats on the Internet reads:

Fibonaccis rose out of the early-'80s punk scene in Los Angeles, CA. Drawing from a wide range of influences including film scores, circus music, as well as an interest in bizarre pop culture in general, the band took their name after Leonardo Fibonacci, the 14th Century Italian mathematician. The group's first lineup consisted of Magie Song (vocals, percussion), John Dentino (keyboards), Joe Berardi (drums, percussion), and Ron Stringer (guitar, bass). Fibonaccis' first record was released in 1982 on the Index label, (fi'-bo-na'-chez). Mixing their many influences, the band emerged with intelligent keyboard passages, over-the-top vocals, and surf-influenced guitar work. With a rising reputation as a live band, the group performed bizarre versions of "Purple Haze" and the theme from the film Psycho in their sets. In 1983, the band released the EP Slow Beautiful Sex with new member Tom Corey (bass, mandolin, vocals). Though they continued to appear live occasionally, they did not release any new material until 1986. By this point, Stringer had left the group and was replaced by Corey. The band wrote the soundtrack to the cult horror/comedy film TerrorVision, and had high hopes, but the film and the soundtrack did not do as well as hoped. The group then returned to the studio to record Civilization and Its Discotheques (1987), which was a frustrating process, and the band broke up afterwards. Geoff Orens, All Music Guide

Well, that about sums it up. In the absence of a current CD release, at least now you can click around from the list on the right column or click here to listen to the defunct sound of The Fibonaccis. All songs can be heard in the automatically loading Flash movie or sound player on each song's page.

John Dentino 11/28/06

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The Fibonaccis Song List

Each song loads its own page:


Ron Stringer |  Magie Song |  John Dentino |  Joseph Berardi

Magie Song – vocals
John Dentino – piano, mellotron and keyboards
Joseph Berardi – drums, percussion, vibes, cello on “Ed Gein”
Ron Stringer – guitar and vocals; bass on “Anti-Oedipus,” “Maculae,” “Tumor”
Tom Corey – bass and mandolin; guitar on “Ed Gein,” “TerrorVision,” “Some Men”

First EP: fi-bo-na-ccis – 1982
Produced by Philip Culp (credited on liner notes as Philip Randal); Engineered by Chas Ramirez Sequenced in the original order.

Sergio Leone (Dentino • Stringer) 2:12 Somnambulist (Dentino • Stringer) 3:03 Ordinary Women (Music: Dentino • Narration: Stringer • Words: Wallace Stevens) 2:23 The Genius (Dentino • Stringer) 2:48 Second Coming (Dentino • Stringer) 3:31 Maculae (Dentino • Stringer • Song) 2:33 Rice Song (Dentino • Stringer • Song) 2:41

The LP: Civilization and
Its Discotheques
– 1987

Produced by The Fibonaccis; Engineered by Steve Sharp and Charles Ramirez; Executive Producer – Randal Johnson
Sequenced in the original order.

March to Heaven (Dentino) 3:18 Narcissist (Dentino • Stringer) 3:17 Had It with Girls (Stringer) 3:57 Crickets (Stringer) 4:32 Leroy (Dentino • Stringer • Song) 3:06 This version is the original studio recording from the album Civilization and Its Discotheques. The Thread (Dentino) 3:33 This version is the original studio recording from the album Civilization and Its Discotheques. Stay Home (Dentino) 2:30 Medicine Waltz (Dentino) 2:52 Horn arrangements with Bruce Fowler / Players: Bruce Fowler, trombone; Mike Price, trumpet; Lynn Johnston, bass clarinet and oboe; Bill Roper, tuba Some Men (Dentino) 2:37 violin: Bill Rhea Old Mean Ed Gein (Dentino) 3:17 violin: Bill Rhea; harmonica: Stan Ridgway Romp of the Meiji Sycophants (Berardi • Corey • Dentino • Song) 2:23 The Snap (Dentino) 3:43

Second EP: Tumor - 1983
Produced by Craig Leon

Tumor (Stringer) 3:25 Psycho (Herrmann) 1:45 Slow Beautiful Sex 2:37                   Miscellaneous tracks from various sources, most of which are taken from the CD
Repressed – The Best of the Fibonaccis - 1992
Produced by Philip Culp and the Fibonaccis

Leroy (Dentino • Stringer • Song) 2:50 This version is from the live radio broadcast on the Carl Stone Show; KPFK, Los Angeles - 1982 The Thread (Dentino) 3:10 This version is from the live radio broadcast on the Carl Stone Show; KPFK, Los Angeles - 1982.                Anti-Oedipus (Berardi • Dentino • Song • Stringer) 4:32 From live radio broadcast on Carl Stone Show; KFPK, Los Angeles - 1982 Lisbon (Dentino • Stringer) 3:42 From Carl Stone Show broadcast - 1982                   Looking for Eddie (Berardi) 4:39 From Film Noir American Style - 1984 Tiny Pizzas (Dentino • Stringer) 2:04 Original cassette living room demo - 1981                 TerrorVision (Berardi • Corey • Dentino • Song) 3:40 Produced by Ron Goudy; title song from the Empire Pictures release, 1986             Friends of Crime (Corey • Berardi • Dentino) 2:41 Produced by Ron Goudy; another song from the Empire Pictures release, 1986           Dancing with the Bears (Berardi • Corey • Dentino • Song) 3:45 Miscellaneous track from 1985 Purple Haze (Hendrix) 3:55 Produced by Ethan James for Rado Tokyo Tapes Vol. II - 1984                   Manifesto (Dentino • Stringer) 2:21 From the live broadcast on KCRW, Los Angeles - 1987                   Manifesto (cassette demo) (Dentino • Stringer) 3:18 Original cassette living room demo - 1981

Thanks to Craig Unkrich for archiving many of the Fibonaccis’ live performances on tape.

Fibonaccis management 1981-84: Michael O’Reilly; 1985-88: Dennis White All compositions © SmellBrain International Music (BMI) except Purple Haze, Six Continents/Yameta Co. Ltd. (BMI) and Psycho, Famous Music (ASCAP)


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