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Iraq Armchair War Diaries

Child of the ‘60s! Casualty of the ‘70s! Gag me with an ergot
suppository! And whence this notion of the ‘50s as a sad, grey,
conformist decade. The Beats, in fact, were only the most extreme
symptom of the spirit of enterprise, invention, imagination and,  yes,
rebellion that permeated the ‘50s—a spirit of which the early
‘60s (moon landing, etc.) constituted, in many ways,  the payoff. It
wasn’t till the late ‘60s that the “Watch me, daddy!” finger-painters
started clamoring for their right to be taken seriously whether
they’d done anything, endured anything, conceptualized anything worth
doing, enduring or conceptualizing. I must say, though, that I like
Jeff Spenser’s phrase “mytho-dilletantism.” I think in the case of
those who actually claim to believe in gods and goddesses—versus
donning them, as you seem to have, as an accessory to Jungian
psychologizing—it most often starts out as the merest affectation
of polytheism, a means of getting noticed or layed or something, then
hardens into something else when, inevitably (and quite properly),
people start giggling over what they now profess to believe. Of
course, there are probably those who are addle-brained enough to hear
talk of god, demigods and woodland sprights and think, “Well golly,
sure, that makes sense!”

I do believe the neocons were sincere when they said the U.S.-backed authoritarian regimes and their brutality had been a factor in our unpopularity, therefore we should make every effort to install and support more democratic and humane governments. And I do think Junior is a moral creature, whereas Senior is an outright reptile. But U.S. power is always used in that narrow window allowed by the consent of its people, who are at core isolationist. That leaves the military with less time and resources than it really takes to do the job humanely. Eventually the American people tire of the effort and the easiest thing to do is install a brutal puppet govt. It’s happened time and again and I don’t know why I ever believed the neocons could make it happen any differently.

On Jul 27, 2004, at 11:39 AM, Jeffrey Herbert Spencer wrote:

              Read Amazon reviews. Doubt this item surpasses FRONTLINE doc
              on Panama which was free of polemics and , for that reason, as hard
              hitting as a cruise missile. No doubt there was something rotten in
              Denmark re Panama, but I doubt, as one reviewer put it, it all comes
              down to money. Noriega was a potential embarrassment to Mr CIA,
              Bush Sr. I heard a strange story from the father of an Air Force man
              about planeloads of cocaine being moved from Panama to secret
              locations on U.S. Air Force bases. Of course, the biggest travesty of
              Panama was the number of hapless Panamanians slaughtered due
              to the use of the AC-130 gunships on Panama City. And, as we all
              know, the dastardly attempt to hide the carnage by bulldozing the
              bodies into secret graves. I am convinced Bush Sr is a rat without
              doubt. Not at all certain Jr is. Blundering doesn’t let you off the hook,
              but it is not malice and callousness.

On Jul 27, 2004, at 1:38 AM, John Dentino wrote:

Just saw it. Now here is a real documentary. It’s about the Panama invasion.

That Bush Sr. is a real piece of work. I urge you to order it from

There are some very disturbing patterns similar to Iraq.

i just wanted to let you know that you are welcome to fill my email inbox
with all of the “liberal paranoia” you want to.  in these times, it is my
humble opinion that we need to maintain our reason, compassion, and sense
of shared humanity with the rest of the world, and not lapse into
simple-minded canarads about good and evil, or being “with us or agin us,”
and we most certainly should not fall into that catastrophic 20th century
moral failure of “just following orders,” ie, (blindly) supporting our
leaders in such times.  ah, if only we had leaders of the stature and moral
capacity worthy of being followed!  we are americans, not “good germans.”

warmest regards,



President Bush on Wednesday night was to make the ultimate call whether
to strike and invade Iraq with military force, the DRUDGE REPORT has

A top White House source offered few details, but did reveal the
president would make a “defining decision” by morning.

The news comes just hours after Bush discussed top secret battle plans
at the White House with his national security team and Army Gen. Tommy
Franks, the man who would lead American forces in Iraq.

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"The sleep of reason
brings forth monsters."

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