Thursday Night AA

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All day long, I’ve been feeling this project drifting toward oblivion. Nothing has been happening. I told my girlfriend that I felt I was on a fool’s errand. I’ve taken off work for a whole week for What? Then, I went to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that Patty’s son, Darrel, said that Dee Ann, her estranged and troubled daughter, frequents. I saw her there in the flesh, sharing her story between tearful sighs. I didn’t, however, approach her. I’m conflicted between my filmmaker ambition to get an interview with her—which would enrich the doc immeasureably—and the feeling that I’m a creepy stalker who is praying on a troubled girl who’d rather be left alone. For this reason, I have to probably stay longer in order to become enough of a presence at the meeting (which meets regularly three times every day at the same location) that she won’t freak out when I tell her that I know her mother and recognize her from the pictures she showed me. The day’s shooting turned out to be even more productive when Patty decided to start talking about Frank Allison, Dee Ann’s abusive father. It gave me an opportunity to ask Patty about her arrest for incest and the court documents on file. That’s enough info for now…..

Posted at 11am on 05/06/2005 |

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