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Stills from the Illusion Travels by Boxcar documentary

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Barbara, Patty’s older, responsible sister, in her twenties as a barmaid at the Town Pump in Tulsa, OK. Barbara taught Patty how to smoke, and she probably served her a few drinks when they were young. Barbara now assembles airbags in a factory, exposing herself to noxious chemicals every day in addtion to a two-pack-a-day habit.

Meet the Loopers: Patty’s parents, her sister Barbara, and Barbara’s sons.

Patty’s son, Darrell.

Patty with Frank, the man who went to jail for his abuse of Patty’s kids.

Patty and her mother visit Darrell in the Social Services offices in Tulsa, but because Patty had been incarcerated for accessory to her son’s abuse and her mother was too aged to care for him, Darrell ended up in a series of foster homes.

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