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Wednesday was a day that started innocently enough with a tour of the Hurricane Ivan destruction on the Gulf coast of Alabama and Florida. Patty’s son, Darrel, and girlfriend Deborah showed us the storm-damaged condos on which they were doing electrical work. Patty wanted me to loan her $20, but I refused because, as I told her, I didn’t want to be put in the position of paying for her wine coolers.

We got back to Deborah’s country trailer at magic hour. By a campfire, they started talking. The conversation migrated to the inside of her trailer. By then, some tensions had arisen. Words started flying out of left field. Accusations from an open window. I and my production assistant are still disturbed by some of the things Patty said. Darrell remains too unstable to have a conversation with. We’re leaving for “T-Town” in the morning.

At this point, my postings have got to be more vague, even as developments still come in. Tomorrow we drive back to Tulsa, where I will try one more time to contact Patty’s daughter. I can’t continue to spew out a narrative until I determine what the hell it is. Thanks for reading these postings. I’ll keep you posted on the film’s completion.

Before the dark.

The Misunderstanding


Red:;/b>  The dirt road that traverses an area in Alabama once controlled by the Ku Klux Klan. A creek nearby is called “Nigger Branch.” We saw a couple of guys fishing there. 

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