Ghost in Tulsa

Patty’s taste for alcohol outweighed her sense of duty as a mother

Patty tries to visit Troy, her nephew

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I continue to press on rather maniacally with following the life of Patty, a down-and-outer on the way up who has finally come back to haunt Tulsa— the home town she grew up in during the fifties and sixties—and be near the daughter whom she had to give up when she was five. The daughter has said she wants no contact with Patty, but the heart is persistent. Patty’s taste for alcohol outweighed her sense of duty as a mother. During the period in which she cared for the daughter, she was arrested numerous times for intoxication and child neglect. Frank Bollinger (my production guy) and I have been slow to hit the ground running. Today, we let Patty show us her old Tulsa stomping grounds. Early in the morning Wednesday, we’ll have to help her secure some subsidized housing. We’ll interview Patty’s childhood best friend, who has never left Tulsa and remembers Patty as a goodtime girl who loved to smoke and roller skate.

It’s water, in case you’re wondering.

She took us to a bar next to a strip joint called the Dollhouse, which used to be one of her regular drinkng places years ago. The Dollhouse wouldn’t allow any cameras inside, but the small bar next door had patrons who allowed us to shoot. One drunk woman kept joking that she would take off her clothes if I filmed her. She kept all her attention focused on the camera, lasciviously taunting it.

“I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. Dentino.”

Patty told me that the Dollhouse is where she first met Frank Allison, the abusive and sadistic husband she lived with for years.

Welcome to the Dollhouse

“Here, you bail your son out of jail!”

We tried to call her son Darrell to see if he was still in jail on a D.U.I. We didn’t hear back from him.

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