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We’ve stopped in Memphis over night after a day of driving. With a week and a half of constant shooting, we’re in traveling mode again and on our way back to Tulsa to (I hope) secure Patty’s subsidized apartment, then leave later in the day. If she doesn’t get the place, we’ll have to drop her off at the Salvation Army.

Early this morning, associate producer Pamela Haymond called Dee Ann, Patty’s daughter. I had decided it would be a better idea for Pamela, as another woman alcoholic in the AA program, to call her rather than have me approach her at an AA meeting, thereby at least ensuring some kind of contact rather than trusting to a chance encounter with her at the meeting. Pamela had drafted an excellent letter to Dee Ann and e-mailed it to me. I told her there was no time to mail it to her, but that I did have her phone number. We decided to tell her that we were doing a documentary on her mother, who was back in Tulsa, and ask her if she’d be interested in talking to us, on or off camera, about her feelings surrounding her mother. The phone call did not go well. Pamela said she sounded hostile and suggested that the telephone call was an invasion of privacy. Pamela gave her our contact numbers, but I doubt she will call. The failure of the plan leaves me with a slight regret that I didn’t stick to my original plan. I may be kidding myself, but I keep thinking I could have finessed some kind of participation in the documentary if I had just been able to approach her casually at the meeting. Now, that opportunity has passed.

The only shooting we did today was of an African-American guy who was staying in the Mobile Motel 6. He has been staying there for over a year and uses it as a base of operations for his writings, paintings, and correspondences with politicians over race and social issues. He had painted a gruesome scene of a lynching that had created a controversy when he had brought it to a pro-Confederate flag rally. I got an interview with him, but the possibility of using it is small.

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